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Pre-Design and Schematic Design Phase

From conceptualization to execution, ARC DECO can help clients in various stages of a project. We can assist with location and feasibility studies, space management studies and  provide schematic plans.

Contract Documents Phase

ARC DECO provides complete Construction Drawings and Specification setting forth in detail the work required for the architectural, structural, electrical, plumbing/sanitary, and mechanical.

Design Development Phase

Every client has a story to tell, and ARC DECO can find that sweet spot between functionality and clients’ directives. This is shown in its first-rate space planning and architectural and interior design services.  

Coordination of Consultants

At ARC DECO, collaboration is vital. Every individual who comes into a project is regarded as a partner for success. When it comes to coordination with consultants and contractors, the firm can handle assessment, negotiation, and awarding of contracts. 

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